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About Us


Doctor King & Company Ltd. is a registered company in London, Great Britain (Company Registration Number: UK8204981; Soil Association Organic Licence Number: DA22357), which was founded in 2012 by Dr William King MB ChB BSc (Hons) to benefit everyone, including patients and anyone who wishes to live a healthier lifestyle. Dr King is a qualified, experienced Medical Doctor and he is the Managing Director of our company.  He has worked in hospitals in London, Cambridge and Glasgow.  He also worked at the University of Cambridge and Imperial College, London, in the past.  He is passionate about preventing disease and improving the health of as many people as possible. He founded this Company to sell SUPREME (and Finest) Ceremonial Grade Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea, which he believes is an excellent superfood and is very healthy.

Our Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea is made for us by a leading Organic Matcha Tea Company in Japan, which has an excellent reputation and was established over fifty years ago. Quality control is of paramount importance. The Company that manufactures matcha for us has ISO 9001 certification as well as JAS JONA organic certification and USDA organic certification.  The Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea that we are selling is freshly made in Japan to our request every month or so from special leaves which are picked each year and are stored in optimal conditions* in the manufacturer's state-of-the-art facility in Japan keeping the leaves practically as fresh as the day they were picked (*further details are available on request). Our matcha is foil-packed for extra freshness. Our matcha is certified organic by Soil Association Certification, the largest organic certification body in the UK.  All of our products are 100% ORGANIC, 100% JAPANESE and 100% PURE MATCHA.  Our SUPREME Ceremonial Grade Organic Japanese Matcha is 100% CEREMONIAL GRADE AAA, which is MATCHA AT ITS BEST.




The DOCTOR KING® logo has a GREEN CROWN which symbolizes our brand and our belief that SUPREME Ceremonial Grade Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea is probably the KING OF GREEN TEAS:





Packaging is required for a number of reasons such as providing essential information and to protect goods during delivery. The cardboard used to make the cardboard boxes for our products is made with recycled paper. Therefore, no new trees are cut down to make the boxes. Where possible, our packaging is recyclable and reusable. The plastic in our boxes is PET, which is recyclable. The labels on the base of each box are made from PEFC-certified paperThe PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) are an international non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting Responsible and Sustainable Forest Management through independent third-party certification.  

Starting from 01/01/2017, our company pledges to donate over £100 per year from the sales of Doctor King® matcha to PLANT 10 NEW TREES PER YEAR in our environment. The certificates will be displayed below.

Carbon dioxide (CO2emissions from various sources (e.g. burning fuel) causes global warming.  When burned, one litre of fuel (e.g. petrol, diesel or gasoline) emits approximately 2 Kg of carbon dioxide (CO2into our environment. CO2 and methane molecules have the special ability to absorb and re-emit infrared radiation (in all directions including towards Earth) which is why carbon dioxide and methane are effective heat-trapping greenhouse gases that cause global warming. Infrared radiation (energy) is heat radiation (energy). Global warming causes a number of great dangers e.g. melting of arctic and antarctic ice caps (which is causing rising sea levels at 0.5 cm per year, which will eventually cause flooding), extreme weather events [e.g. heat waves and extreme precipitation events - extreme rain and associated flooding - and extreme winds] and widespread forest damage (caused by wildfires and stress from heat and drought). 

Trees are important in dealing with global warming. One young tree absorbs (removes) carbon dioxide at a rate of 6 Kg per year. One mature tree absorbs (removes) carbon dioxide at a rate of 22 Kg per year. Trees absorb and use carbon dioxide and water to make glucose and oxygen. Trees also remove other harmful gases and compounds (e.g. carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, PM 2.5 and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons - all produced by burning fuel in vehicles/aircraft and burning coal to make electricity) from our environment. Over a 50-year lifespan, one tree provides £50,000 worth of air pollution control.

It is essential we think reduce, reuse, recycle, renewable energy, renovate (improve home insulation and energy efficiency) and plant more trees plus plant-rich diets*Together, we will make a difference.




*Plant-rich diets have a much smaller carbon footprint

According to the University of Michigan's Center for Sustainable Systems, 3 Kg of carbon dioxide equivalent (greenhouse gas) is emitted per quarter pound of beef produced and eaten (which is equivalent to about 25 Kg of CO2e per Kg of beef eaten)Plant-rich(er) diets have a much smaller carbon footprint. A vegetarian diet greatly reduces an individual’s carbon footprint, but switching to less carbon or methane intensive meats can have a major impact as well. For example, the carbon footprint (greenhouse gas emission) of a 4 oz. serving of poultry (birds like chicken) is 5 times lower than that of a quarter pound of beef.

Livestock accounts for about 10% of greenhouse gas emissions. The greenhouse gas produced by livestock (farm animals) is called methane and is about 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide at trapping heat in the atmosphere. Therefore, achieving a significant reduction in farm animals (beef) consumed would have a rapid and significant effect on global atmospheric warming. CO2 and methane molecules have the special ability to absorb and re-emit infrared radiation (in all directions including towards Earth) which is why carbon dioxide and methane are effective heat-trapping greenhouse gases. Infrared radiation (energy) = "heat radiation" (energy).

The 5 main sources (causes) of greenhouse gas emissions are: (1) transportation (fossil fuels) (2) electricity production (fossil fuels) (3) industry (fossil fuels) (4) residential (fossil fuels) (5) livestock (farm animals emitting methane via burping or flatulence). It is vital to note that livestock (particularly beef cattle) produce the most potent greenhouse gas. 

The top 10 countries ranked by beef consumption in 2021 are: USA (12,615,000,000 Kg i.e. about 12 billion Kg per year), China, Brazil, EU, India, Argentina, Russia, Japan, UK (1,135,000,000 Kg i.e. about 1 billion Kg per year) and Canada.